Selecting the correct Clothing Pattern Size can be confusing!

Ready made garments are sized differently than sewing patterns, eg- if you are a size 12 in ready made clothing, you will be closer to a size 16 in a sewing pattern. Garment manufacturers downsize garments to make the consumer feel as if they are several sizes smaller than what they really are – it’s a selling point!

When selecting a pattern for a dress/jacket/blouse (or anything that fits the top half of your body) measure your bust and choose the appropriate size on the pattern that corresponds to that measurement.

When selecting a pattern for a skirt/pants/culottes (or anything that fits the bottom half of your body), measure your hips and select the appropriate size that corresponds to that measurement.

Example:- 100cm bust = size 18 sewing pattern, but in a ready made garment, would be a size 14.

So don’t select your pattern size by the size you would buy off the rack!

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